Roof Restoration

Most commercial property owners and managers face the task of keeping their property in great functional condition and maximizing longevity of the roof andstructural components. Extending the life of an existing commercial roof  is a great way to maximize ROI and maintain the integrity of the property.

Can your Roof be restored?

This determination is a critical undertaking that must take place first. Our team of qualified and experienced pro’s can perform this procedure. Our goal is to determine if your roof can be restored and does not need total roof replacement. We will focus on the history of the roof, the slope and it’s documented maintenance. Additionally we will need to ensure that the insulation and roof deck are in satisfactory condition. Upon completion of our inspection we will be able to go over a cost analysis with you. Roof restoration typically provides great financial benefits.

Restoring a Commercial Roof can unlock savings.

Property managers are often challenged with a limited capital budget when they need it most. Restoration brings benefits as expensing the costs immediately vs. depreciation of a new roof. Some properties will even see an upgraded fire rating which can lower liability protection costs and some will see lower HVAC costs as the energy efficiency improves.

Restoration with Galt

As a leading commercial roofer in the state of Texas, our team will look at many different factors in determining which solution works best for you and your property. Timelines, ownership plans, environmental issues, performance needs, type of structure, type of correction needed all will be addressed. The end goal is to provide extended life of the roof while closely matching the original style of the roof in look and function.

By correcting problem areas first and creating a detailed plan for the roof and it’s financial statement, roof restoration is an efficient cost saving tool that can provide outstanding benefits for your property.

Call our office today and let’s see what is possible for you and your property!