Flat Roofing

Choose Galt Construction for Flat roof installation, flat roof repair and maintenance. As a leading commercial roofing contractor our team has been successfully building flat roof or Low slope systems on Apartments, government buildings, warehouses, shoppings malls and other structures.

Unlike pitched or steep slope roofs, flat roofs have very little slope. This means that the construction, repair and maintenance require a different approach and skilled expertise.  

We offer a wide variety of solutions with our most common applications below:

      • Built Up roofing (BUR)
      • Modified Bitumen Roofing
      • EPDM
      • TPO PVC
      • Spray Polyurethane
      • Cold Applied Coatings

Flat roof Installation, repair and maintenance

Each of the above roofing systems should be used in the proper circumstance after accounting for structure type, use and function.

Contact our office today to discuss your project. From building to repair to maintenance, Galt has you covered!