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When commercial property owners are searching for the nation’s top Garland roofing contractor they always contact Galt Construction, because we specialize in commercial roofing construction services. We are certified from many different well-known manufacturers. We specialize in roofing restoration, roofing construction and repair along with many other roofing services. We provide our customers in Garland with a wide range of roofing services to meet their needs and preferences. We’re always proud of the work we do, and have grown as a business over the decades due to our dedication to quality and longstanding relationships with past clients and customers.

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Whatever our client’s specific needs are, we can meet those needs and we often exceed their expectations.

Garland, Texas

The largest city just north of Dallas is Garland. The city has a population of 226,876 and is currently the twelfth most populous city in the state of Texas. The city was ranked “Top 100 Places to Live” by CNN Money Magazine. The motto for the city is “Texas Made Here”. The city first started receiving immigrants in the 1850’s, then in 1887 the city was created and incorporated in 1891. This city has relaxation, beauty, and adventure.

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The Granville Arts Center is an absolutely excellent place to visit. There are two proscenium theaters at the arts center along with an outdoor courtyard where visitors can watch live performances. To learn about the history of the city, visitors should visit the Garland Landmark Museum. The museum is located at the Santa Fe Depot that was built in 1901. The museum has historical artifacts, displays, and a large amount of documents that dates back to the 1850’s.

Downtown Garland was recently renovated and it is the heart of the city. Visitors can walk around downtown and visit the antique stores, art galleries, boutiques, and eat at one of the restaurants that are locally owned. If you prefer to be outdoors, then you will be happy, because the city has more than sixty parks. The parks all have playgrounds, picnic pavilions, trees, flowers, and natural beauty. The Nicholson Memorial Library was opened in 1933 in honor of Mayor S. E. Nicholson who was tragically killed by a tornado that swept through the city in 1927. The library is a resource center that offers many activities to the community free of charge. This city may be a large city, but it has charm and hospitality of a small city, which is why the city attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Commercial property owners that are considering a new roof or roofing repairs should contact Galt Construction. We can provide an affordable solution to any roofing issues you might have.

Called in for Emergency Repairs

Not too long ago, we were called in by a new client who needed an experienced Garland roofing contractor after another that was inexperienced in commercial projects botched the job. We met with the new client where we did a roofing inspection. We went over the leaking issues with the client, then offered several options and solutions.

The built-up roofing (BUR) system on the building needed immediate repairs. There was a severe leaking issue that they were experiencing, which simply could not be allowed to persist. Our team needed to repair open joints, repair some of the small blisters, and repair the crack that was causing the leaking. The client agreed to our solutions, and the crew started immediately.

Roofing Restoration is Immediately Underway

The crew first started to repair the open joints by adding cement under the open seam of the joints, this was to ensure that it would adhere to the substrate successfully. The crew then started repairing the small blisters on the roof. The small blisters were cut, then they had to dry. The felts were removed from the layer, then the crew applied new felt. After the felt was applied the crew then applied the liquid asphalt. The cracks on the roof were repaired by the crew first cleaning the gravel and debris from the crack, then applying asphalt cement over the crack, then adding the roofing felt. Once the felt has been applied the crew applied asphalt cement, then new gravel was applied. Cracks are one of the easiest repairs to make on the roof and an affordable repair as well.

We helped our client with roofing repairs in garland - pictured here

The crew also added a few extra features to the roof such as a rigid insulation layer, which will provide a great roofing surface for the client. We were able to sort out all the messes that the client was experiencing with their roof and finish building out the roof, which resulted in a more durable structure that can prevent leaking in the future and mitigate long term damage.

When our crew had the commercial roofing repairs done and cleaned up, they let the client know that the roof was finished and now was in great shape. The client was happy with our quick response and affordable options. We let the client know that they didn’t have to worry about their roof leaking again, which was a relief to the client. He said that he had been experiencing this problem for quite a while, and he wished he would have contacted us first. He thanked us and a few weeks later when he called to let us know that after the recent heavy rain the roof is doing great and his business is dry. He told us it was all thanks to our excellent roofing expertise.